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British Theatre Guide

5 *****

Ali Campbell’s performance as Jane Eyre is subtle, connected and utterly compelling...Hers is a first-class performance in what is undoubtedly a first-class production. There can be no higher praise than the observation of a gentleman sitting to my left who said at the end of the show: “ Wow! That was special; I didn’t want it to end” Read the full review



 Bristol’s Ali Campbell gives an assured spoken performance which is complemented by the precision of her movements on stage as she plays an array of different characters...It was Ali Campbell's technical skill that most impressed. Read the full review

Bath Chronicle

The star, however, of this extraordinarily powerful  piece of theatre is Ali Campbell whose performance rivals anything I have seen in the theatre for a very long time...The physical and vocal differentiation that she brings to the numerous parts she is playing is as astonishing as it is brilliant. Read the full review

Female Arts


Campbell leads this show with a performance worthy of any west-end theatre... Campbell achieves something close to magical with this performance...The chemistry and romantic energy between Jane and Rochester was tantalising. The fact that they are both played by the same actor is astonishing. Read the full review

The  Public Review 


Campbell pulls it off breathtakingly...Overall, the performance is fantastic, fluid and funny – a five star show in every sense. Ultimately, it is an absolute testament to Campbell’s talents – after all, how many actresses could successfully play out a convincing love scene with themselves? Read the full review

The Bath Chronicle

Alison Campbell plays the title role with great style and control... Campbell achieves this with great ease, engaging the audience from the outset with great effect. Read the full review

British Theatre Guide

Alison Campbell is superb in capturing the delicate balance of moral strength and vulnerability that characterises Jane. Even more astonishing though is the way she moves with seamless ease from one character to another...This is theatre at its best—utterly compelling and profoundly moving. Read the full review

Female Arts


Campbell and Fowld's engagement with the story they are telling is masterful and driven with a great deal of energy. Read the full review



Alison Campbell is first class, her great range of expression making her superb in every female part, from middle aged housekeeper to teenage heroine. Read the full review

Remote Goat


Alison Campbell's subtle Duchess and Ben Crispin's vituperative Bastard endow their relationship with an intricate blend of lust and mutual distrust Read the full review

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